Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's back!

As I'm working on getting a position as a social studies teacher here in Massachusetts, it's in my best interest to get back into the habit of updating a blog regularly.

During my internship our class blog was updated every day or two so that students who missed class and attentive parents could keep up with class goings-on. A lot of students found it really useful--and admittedly, we as teachers did, too. If a student knew they were going to miss a specific day, or wanted to know what had occurred the day before if they had missed school, we could just tell them to check the blog and get assignments from there (we also uploaded handouts, etc to facilitate this). A few minutes to set it up each day made for a lot less work in the long run, having to make individual students packets of makeup work. Oh, the power of the internet!

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