Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bill of Rights Glogster

My Bill of Rights glogster!

My Glogster is (obviously) on the Bill of Rights. Honestly, I wanted to do the Glogster on either Rafael Trujillo or the Mirabal sisters, but I couldn't find audio for either or video for Trujillo (and, for the Mirabal sisters, it wasn't actually them on the video--just actors). I'll probably make another Glogster for them just because I enjoyed making this one so much.

(PS: If i were you, I'd skip the audio but definitely watch the video if you have two minutes!)

Does anyone know if Glogster posters can be printed out for actual classroom use? I mean, if they don't have video, that is.

Sources for photo/video:


  1. I really liked the use of the radio for audio, it definitive adds to glogster. I think you did a good job outlining the Bill of Rights. You used some great pictures as well ☺. Very nice presentation overall!

  2. Great glog! I really liked the video you posted because it makes the bill of rights look more relevant. Even the way the amendments are presented in the video sounds pertinent to students. This would be a great sample blog for students who will be making their own blog or rap video.

  3. I really like the layout of your glog. I think students would appreciate how you explained the Bill of Rights and it brings history and technology together for them instead of simply having them read the Bill of Rights from paper. Great job!

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  5. I really enjoy your blog! Chance and I are doing the Bill of Rights for our Unit Plan and something like this is great! I like your layout, it's very easy to see all the information! Good Job!

  6. Excellent. I really like the use of note cards as a text background and the rap is a great attention grabber. Lots there for kids to analyze. Great job!